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Contact me for a free look at the software. You can direct the investigation of the data (which is based on a real company), drilling into details that look promising.

You’ll learn what your own report would look like and how you could use the survey to hone your leadership focus.

What Our Clients Are Saying

I started using Vantage Point while leading operations for a small food processor on the West Coast. Along with direction and advice garnered from Portland Consulting Group, I was able to develop and execute actions designed to improve the organizational health of this small business. It wasn’t until I took on a challenging role in Georgia with a much larger company that I really understood the potential of Vantage Point.

The Vantage Point survey is my primary tool for outlining employee retention and supervisor development objectives and activities. The market defines what a competitive wage may be for a particular role. Vantage Point defines what an ideal work environment looks like and then provides direction as to how to get there. The granularity provided in the results allows my team to define actions based on the specific needs of a department, a shift, or some set of demographics. We can target actions based on the needs of our team members vs. using a shotgun approach to improvement. We currently have seven departments taking fifteen unique actions designed to improve our organizational health.

I intend to utilize this innovative, affordable tool several times per year as we continue to guide and track improvements to our culture. This is one of those rare tools you might find a few times in your career which you put in your permanent leadership toolbox.

-Plant Manager, 200 employees